Hour Exchange Portland

How to Join

Joining Hour Exchange Portland is simple! Just follow the steps below. We ask our members for a donation of $25 and 2 time dollars each year to help pay our rent, heat, lights, office supplies, CIMA insurance (members are all insured), and fund HEP programs.

STEP 1 Apply Online. (or print and mail)
Businesses and Organizations may Apply Online. (or print and mail)

STEP 2 Print and mail this Demographic form.
Return it to Hour Exchange Portland, 24 Preble Street, Portland, ME 04101.

STEP 3 Orientation: Attend one of our New Member Orientations held at our office. You may want to review this Orientation PDF as a primer or refresher! See our Calendar of Events for details on upcoming orientations.

STEP 4 Read our Member Handbook

STEP 5 Login to your Hour Exchange Portland account. After orientation and account activation, click the Member Login button above to access your account. There you can list your offers and requests and connect with other members. The first time you log in you will be asked to read and accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Member Agreement. You may refer to this Software Guide or click [Help] wherever you are in the system for context sensitive help. At the bottom of each page you may [Contact Your Coordinator]. You may also contact our current member mentors for help.

STEP 6 Once you begin exchanging we encourage you to begin making a suggested voluntary annual donation of $25 a year by clicking on the donate button at hourxport.org. If you are unable to pay $25, you may pay what you are able, or email us at hourexchangeportland@gmail.com about other ways you can contribute.

*****Membership Disclaimer: Membership with HEP is a privilege and compliance with all HEP policies is expected. HEP reserves the right to deny membership or remove a member for any reason permitted by its policies and law.